Residential exterior painting

Never underestimate the impact a fresh, clean coat of paint can make to the outside of your home. Whether you are looking to refresh the appearance of your exterior or want to ensure your valuable asset is protected from the elements, nothing beats a high-quality paint coating system.

Metro Coat’s expert exterior house painters have over 20 years’ experience painting every type of exterior cladding:

Painting plaster homes

The paint coating system is a vital part of all exterior plaster cladding systems and is critical to the weathertightness of your plaster-clad property.

Defects with the plaster system – such as fracturing, poor detailing, lack of control joints, missing flashings and poor terminations – must be rectified to provide a sound substrate for the paint system. At Metro Coat, we offer a specialist plaster repair team with the specialist experience and expertise to recognise issues and complete repairs or maintenance to your plaster system prior to painting your plaster home.

Paint colour selection is also critical, as each plaster has a different ability to disperse heat from the plaster system. Excessive heat generation in a plaster system leads to thermal fracturing and will compromise the long-term performance of the plaster and paint coating system. We have the experience and technical expertise to ensure the correct paint coating system is selected for your job and applied to meet specifications.

Painting weatherboard homes

We specialise in painting and staining all types of weatherboard cladding.

Our teams regularly paint new weatherboard installations and refresh existing weatherboard homes.

Successful painting of weatherboards requires careful and detailed preparation, as well as correct product selection.

Assisted by 20+ years’ experience, our aim is to guide you comfortably through all stages of your painting project – from your initial phone call to arrange a free quote, right through to the time you are admiring the finished product.

Cedar staining

The lifespan of cedar can be maximised with proper care and regular treatment with the right product. Stains are an effective way of providing a UV barrier and protection from harsh New Zealand elements.

The first part of the restoration process for cedar is to prepare the timber for coating. The cladding is washed using a specialised process to ensure the weatherboards are clear of any residual stains or inferior coatings.

The staining process involves applying two coats of a product that provides a degree of oil penetration. Stains are available in several colour tones to complement the surrounding aspects of your home and achieve a fresh, modern look.

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