Plaster crack repair 

Is the exterior plaster system on your property showing signs of deterioration, such as cracks in the plaster?

At Metro Coat we have over 20 years’ practical experience and technical expertise in the area of remedial plaster solutions across Auckland.

Common problems with plaster:

  • Cracks in exterior plaster systems
  • Lack of diverter flashings to direct water away from the wall structure
  • Lack of expansion joints to accommodate movement in the building structure
  • Poor detailing at abutments (lack of saddle flashings)
  • Lack of clearance from bottom of cladding to ground level
  • Impact damage to plaster cladding system
  • Lack of or poorly detailed waterproofing to penetrations in the plastered walls
  • Lack of falls to plastered handrail and parapet tops
  • Lack of mechanical flashings to joinery openings

Factors that can affect your property’s cladding:

  • Lower roofs
  • Windows
  • Gutters and rain-heads
  • Monolithic surfaces are prone to heating and cooling, causing expansions and movement that lead to cracks
  • Inadequate ground clearances
  • Junctions where cladding meets another product

Repair options for exterior plaster systems

There are various options to repair cracked or failing plaster cladding systems, ranging from targeted repairs and corrective detailing to full recladding. A site visit will allow us to provide you with our recommendation and quote.

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